In Honor of Our Departed Classmates
Lakeland High School~Class of 1975
Alphabetical Listing of Deceased Classmates  ~  Faculty & Staff
Memorials are updated daily.

Karen Diana Bessinger~age 24~Feb. 23rd, 1957 - May 16th, 1981~Lakeland, Florida
Nancy Ann Blanton~age 27~May 3rd, 1956 - Oct. 24th, 1983~Franklin, North Carolina
Vicki Evonne Boulerice Pugh~age 41~Dec. 21st, 1957 - Jan. 21st, 1999~Lakeland, Florida
Cynthia Diane DeBats~age 18~Nov. 25th, 1957 - Nov. 3rd, 1976~Lakeland, Florida
David Amor Deemer Jr.~age 52~Oct. 10th, 1957 -  Nov. 15th, 2009~Adrian, Michigan
Mary Neace Denson Tucker~age 25~July 29th, 1957 - Feb. 15th, 1983~Lakeland, Florida
Debra Kay Dixon~age 49~Dec. 26th, 1957 - Feb. 19th, 2007~Lakeland, Florida
Donald Frank Dwiggins~age 53~Dec. 6th, 1956 - July 17th, 2010~Apex, North Carolina
Jack Wesley Eichelberger~age 22~Apr. 15th, 1957 - Nov. 5th, 1979~Lakeland, Florida
Mary Ann Fedorcha~age 53~Oct. 15th 1957 - Sept. 28th 2011~Washington, D.C.
Phillip Alan Fletcher~age 51~Apr. 14th, 1957 - Apr. 15th, 2008~Lakeland, Florida
Melvin Anthony Gillen~age 44~Jan. 28th, 1957 - June 10th, 2001~Lakeland, Florida
Jeffrey Wayne Henry ~age 52~Sept. 14th, 1957 - July 13th, 2010 ~ Cape Coral, Florida
Michael Leroy Herchy~age 48~Feb. 28th, 1957 - May 24th, 2005~Auburndale, Florida
Nancy Lee Jones Dawson~age 40~Sept. 5th, 1957 - Jan. 21st, 1998~Lakeland, Florida
William Conrad Kuster~age 52~1957~Nov. 20th, 2009~Lakeland, Florida
Donna Elizabeth Laidlaw~age 51~Nov. 23rd, 1956 - Oct. 3rd, 2007~Lakeland, Florida
Gary Alan McGinnis~age 48~Jan. 28th, 1957 - Apr. 12th, 2005 ~ Sarasota, Florida
Teresa Lynn Megivern Still~age 49~Jan. 19th, 1957 - Nov. 25th, 2006~Lakeland, Florida
Patti Jean Moore Savedge~age 46~Sept. 19th, 1956 - Nov. 2002~Lakeland, Florida
Deborah Kay Mullis Vogel~age 45~Oct. 24th, 1956 - Aug. 16th, 2002~Lakeland, Florida
Joan Lista Padfield Wade~age 33~Oct. 13th, 1990~Standish, Maine
Jose' Antonio Rodriguez Jr.~age 50~Nov. 23rd, 1957 - June 4th, 2008~Eagle, Colorado
Arthur Keith Sheldon~age 47~Nov. 6th, 1957 - May 15th, 2005~Lakeland, Florida
Lawrence Lamar Smith~age 22~July 31st, 1957 - June 1st, 1980~Apopka, Florida
Frank Jerry Stemich~age 38~Jan. 27th, 1957 - Mar. 7th, 1995~Union Lake, Michigan
Michael Eugene Stevens~age 50~June 9th, 1957 - Dec. 4th, 2007~Allen, Texas
Jonathan David Surrency~age 48~June 14th, 1957 - May 30th, 2006~Lakeland, Florida
Alan Michael Valentine~age 19~Oct. 14th, 1957 - May 28th, 1977~Lakeland, Florida
Faculty & Staff
Roger Baer~age 75~May 12th, 1931 - July 9th, 2006~Gainesville, Florida
Elmer Banks~age 88~July 5th, 1917 - July 1st, 2006~Lakeland, Florida
Malise Ward Beerman~age 84~Apr. 29th, 1919 - Nov. 24th, 2003~Lakeland, Florida
Robert O. Cruz~age 80~July 1st, 1927 - Feb. 3rd, 2008~Lakeland, Florida
Harvey W. Flatt~age 82~May 4th, 1927 - May 23rd, 2009~Lakeland, Florida
Hazel Hunter Haley~age 91~Nov. 5th, 1916 - Apr. 7th, 2008~Lakeland, Florida
Clara Hirschfield~age 73~Oct. 10th, 1930 - Apr. 23rd, 2004~Lakeland, Florida
Thomas Lindemann~age 61~Jan. 28th, 1943 - Apr. 21st, 2004~Lakeland, Florida
Sylvester Douglas McArthur~age 75~Feb. 22nd, 2011~Lakeland, Florida
Stella Maxine McIntyre~age 65~ July 28th, 1911 - Jan. 29th, 1977~Bartow, Florida
Washington Miller~age 84~Jan. 18th, 1921 - Dec. 23rd, 2005~Lakeland, Florida
William "Bill" Miller
Arlene Goddard Sauls~age 93~Dec. 26th, 1916 - Jan. 30th, 2010~Lakeland, Florida~LHS Class 0f 1934
John Paul Ward~age 76~Feb. 16th, 1927 - Feb. 25th, 2003~Lakeland, Florida
Major William A. "Bill" Wolfe~age 83~Nov. 26th, 1923 - Oct. 2nd, 2007~Lakeland, Florida
Kenneth Young~age 81~May 20th, 1927 - Dec. 21st, 2008~Lakeland, Florida

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